Las Vegas.

Sex, drugs, & rock-n-roll.

Characters, crooks, & high-rollers. In a city known for its glorified wagers, ever-changing skyline, and seductive transience, it’s no wonder that people come and go as quickly as a winning bet lost in the next round.

But there’s more. There’s something about Vegas that entices visitors to become transplants and transplants to live as locals.

“Sinners, saints, and all in-between exist here. Just like the celebrated cities we dream of and long for, Las Vegas is none below the rest. Amongst the embellished backdrop of Sin City is a real and raw lifestyle residing here and permeating each piece of art, each gust of desert breeze, and each note of local talent. It’s here — and it is always energizing this city with a constant craving to connect with people, with culture, and with community.